What we do


Barndominium Lifestyle is a digital/print magazine, YouTube channel, podcast and online community of renegades here to help you live your best life from the barndo perspective.  ​


Barndominium Lifestyle Magazine is a bimonthly publication.  Full color print and digital editions available.

Barndominium Lifestyle will be your go-to source for providing topical content related to the unique barndominium concept. Whether you are building, remodeling, designing, landscaping or just drinking sweet tea on your front porch dreaming of the possibility...Barndominium Lifestyle is here to give you inspiration and help make the dream a reality.

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12 acres and house plans. That’s how it all began. We purchased our little piece of heaven almost 2 years ago in North Florida and were just getting ready to break ground with house plans in hand and we happened upon the “barndominium” concept and it opened up a pandora’s box of possibilities.

Being the renegades we are, LOL; we quickly became consumed by the idea of creating something so unique and individual to our tastes that we started planning the building of our own barndo and have never looked back! We are in the permitting stage right now, but just you wait until you see what we have dreamed up!

The whole process inspired such passion that a with a background in media, marketing and publishing...about 8 months ago, we had an idea; and then...a Barndominium Lifestyle baby was born; spawning a magazine, podcast and YouTube channel.

It isn’t for everybody, it’s for the individuals who treasure wide open space and free thinking.

Once you open your mind and allow yourself to dream of soaring ceilings and sweet tea on an epic front porch, you’ll never go back to the idea of a cookie cutter home. This is a movement and way of life and we hope to bring you more information and inspiration than you can handle!

So, subscribe and join us on the journey!