A Note from the Editor

Kerensa Haney

Executive Editor, Publisher, Podcast Host

Well, here we go...the very first issue of Barndominium Lifestyle magazine! Can you believe all the good stuff in here?! We are so proud to give you this publication, brimming with content containing important, specific build information and also offer you vibrant, full color feature articles that are sure to aesthetically please your decorative side.
  I wanted to share a few of our family photos, for me, the holiday season brings so much joy. Family time and traditions are EVERYTHING in our household; but truth be told, it also brings some anxiety. In a normal year, the busyness of the season can fill you with trepidation; not to mention...it’s 2020! We have come to expect the unexpected with the way this year has unfolded.
 However; let me encourage you. There is nothing we will face that we can’t handle, if we have the peace of Jesus Christ. It may not be a politically correct statement from an editor, but I do things differently and always have. Yes, we are here primarily to cover the exciting, trending topic of barndominiums, but that’s not all we do and who we are.  We, here at BL hope to get to know you in the coming months and years, and that means you get to know us too.  
 We won’t bombard you with our faith, but we won’t hide it either.  It’s the foundation of the house we’ve built and we are going to spread the good news!
 So, I hope that in this season and in the year to come, we can be a positive light in your life, in some small way.  Providing you with motivation; whether through words, photos, podcasts or our video show; helping you build your dream and sharing the journeys of those who already have.  
 But, hey...remember, the dream is never over; there are always higher hills to climb and visions to be realized.  Meet us back here in 2021 to get more fresh ideas and join us in celebrating this big, wonderful barndo community!

2021...what will it bring for you?  For me?  We don’t know, who could’ve predicted 2020? But...we’re still here

 If it taught us anything, it should be that nothing is predictable, wake up everyday with anticipation of something great to begin that very day.  

BE something great, be a blessing...small gesture or large.  

Celebrate the sunsets, sing the karaoke, play in the puddles.  

Just be fully ALIVE and embrace the moments!

Merry Christmas 

from our family to yours!