What's your question?


Level 3 includes:


  • 10 Custom Research Questions.  We will search our database and do research for your particular area or specific needs and get back to you within 72 hours for each question.*

You don't have to use all your questions at once. You may use them throughout your build.

  • Barndominium Lifestyle Magazine
    One year subscription to:

    • The printed, full-color magazine,
      6 issues, delivered bi-monthly to your mailbox.

    • The online digital magazine. 
      6 issues, delivered bi-monthly to your email.

  • Barndominium Fundamental Book

    • The hardcopy book mailed to you.


  • Not every area or question will have a resource.  We are under no obligation to find a resource, we are only able to provide a resource where possible.

  • Please understand, due to the need to interact with contractors/vendors, not all questions can be answered within 72 hours,  Because we are relying on them to answer us in a timely manner, we can't guarantee the timeline, but will do our best to meet that goal.