2021...The Year of the Barndominium

Updated: Feb 12

Stacee Lynn, gives us 8 reasons why Barndo's Are Going BIG IN 2021!

The Barndominium is a building concept that links the past, present, and future. That is why Barndominiums are going to be a big deal in 2021. Barndominiums may be the most utilitarian design and construction that a homeowner can dress up or dress down for both luxury and everyday living. They are full of perfect imperfections that show character and provide a backdrop for an increasingly popular style of comfort living.

What is a Barndominium or Barndo?

The term “Barndominium” has been around for a while. We consider the words Barndominium and Barndo proper nouns, so we always capitalize them! We first heard about Barndos - over thirty years ago. As a choice of home style, the Barndo has recently become even more popular in many suburban and rural areas - especially in Texas. You may have even heard the term on Fixer Upper’s Barndominium episode in 2016.

So, what is a Barndominium? At its core, a Barndominium is a barn or barn-style building that has been finished out on the inside as a home. It could be original construction or a remodel. There are two common construction types: steel frame and post frame (engineered wood). Both construction types are usually covered with sheet metal and are immensely popular. Other exterior options include Hardi Backer board panels and stone or brick skirting.

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