Along for the Journey with the Shaulis

Updated: Apr 15

How It Began

Monica and Jacob are a busy family running their own locksmith business and have 3 kids; a 20-year-old daughter and 15-year-old twin boys.

They owned a home, but were ready to start building their dream home. Working together every day, while driving around Texas heading to various jobs, they saw quite a few barndominiums. They were astonished when they walked into one and had no idea from the outside that it was a home.

It gave them the idea to think outside the box and inspired them to come up with an extremely unique floorplan. They wanted something that would give their home that over the top WOW factor and when they found a great deal on grain bins, it all came together.

The Plan

Grain bins? Yes! Two grain bins were purchased on Facebook Marketplace and this was when Monique came up with the idea to use the grain bins as bedrooms.

Monique drew out what she had envisioned and then had a draftsman create the official plans. She still had some challenges trying to figure out the logistics of bringing together a home that would incorporate both the grain bins and a traditional barndominium.

She reached out to Stacee Lynn with The Barndominium Company, who analyzed the plans and suggested areas that needed to be adjusted to take into consideration all the unique issues that this type of build would present. They did tweak the plans, including changing the height of the walls and the dimensions of the main living area.

Monique then had an architect in her hometown in Guatemala, 1+1 Arquitectos, create renderings that allowed her to visualize the completed project, making sure that it was just what they wanted.

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