Cover Story: Hamiltonville Farm

Updated: Feb 12

From Hay Barn to Modern Farmhouse Barndominium Lifestyle...check out our interview

with Hank & Gina Hamilton.

Retired Air Force officer Hank and his industrious wife, Gina allow us an insider’s glimpse of their conversion from hay barn into a sweeping, modern farmhouse barndominium.

The dream.

The grit and determination needed to make that dream a reality.

Where does it come from?

If you talk to Gina and Hank Hamilton, you find out that for them, it came from a few places.

Their faith.

The discipline that becomes ingrained in you from a career in the military.

And not least of all, three people crammed into a 1,000 square foot home.

All those things and more come into play, when you’re struggling through yet another grueling day into the night, working on your project house; as well as doing what it takes to make a living.

Although not easy, it was worth it.

FROM HERE TO THERE...REALLY?! live in a 2,700 square foot beach home located on Santa Rosa Beach, in the stunning Florida panhandle, among what has been

described as the “world’s most beautiful beaches”; how do you end up on a rural 75 acre hobby farm? In Gina’s simple way of describing it, “God had other plans.”

Four years later, as is often the case when we follow His lead; those plans have come into focus, in a magnificent way. The place that they call home is now seen and admired by thousands via their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel.

Who could’ve predicted that when they first wandered into that rundown hay barn, they would end up residing in a home even more visually arresting than that beach house. While the crystal clear waters of the ocean from their former home are unparalleled, they’ve succeeded in creating an aesthetic of tranquilty and peace among the pines that is hard to beat.

Actually, after speaking with Gina for just a few minutes, I gather that anyone who knows her, would’ve put their money on it; or for that matter, any idea that she sets her mind to.


It started like it does for so many, with seeing “that” episode. If you’re into barndominiums, you know the one.

Fixer Upper, Season 3, Episode 6: The Barndominium. The one that made it okay to do what so many have done in a somewhat more timid way, take that old barn and make it into a home.

Of course, no one does it quite like Chip and Joanna, so when they added their special touches, along with the editing and slick production of a major television series...BOOM! It was like the gates of heaven opened and instant blessing! Suddenly, for many, it became an option that had alittle more credibility.

For Gina, it planted a seed and when she walked onto the property and saw the barn, it was over. Hank didn’t stand a chance of having that barn just for his tractors and tools; no, this was going to be something much more.

So, Gina got out a her pen and a notebook and started sketching. Before long, the plans started to take shape and then it was time to move to the next phase...implementation!

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