Build Me A Barndo: Channing & Grant Nichols

Updated: Feb 12

We go along for the journey with Channing & Grant. A family of four, living in a camper as they build. Barndominiym Lifestyle will get the scoop and catch up with the Nichols family each issue to observe their progress.

A barndominium can offer the home of your dreams, quickly and efficiently.

For Channing and Grant Nichols, that was just the beginning. Their barndominium is more than just a home for their young family: it’s the centerpiece of a legacy for their children.

Grant is a firefighter; Channing put her teaching career on hold when the first of their two children was born. With the youngest now in kindergarten, the time was right to look to the future. Room outside for the kids to play, a shop for Grant’s side business, and above all a home large enough to keep everyone happy.

In the beginning, the couple planned to add an accessory building next to their former home. But that modest goal soon gave way to a much more ambitious one.

Their vision began to take shape when Channing and Grant found a perfect five-acre plot in southwest Florida. Grant got the idea to build a series of barndominiums—the main house, a large shop, and a small garage. Channing raised an eyebrow at first. “There was a little convincing in the beginning,” remembers Grant. “Then she saw all the cool stuff. And all the layouts we’d wanted: we could make our own layout.”

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